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You can trust us

We're reliable, so you don't have to worry about us disappearing in the middle of a project and leaving you on your own


We work at affordable prices to make your plans easy to implement

We are quick

We won't sit on the project, we'll try to get you the result as soon as possible

Let your customers find you.

Be one step ahead of the competition. Open up to the world!

When we enquire about a business, a company or even a place, we immediately Google it, right? We look for a website where we can find all the information we need in one place or even place an order. That’s the way we think nowadays, do you want to stay out of this?

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Néhány referencia munkánk

Néhány referencia munkánk


Our services:

It's important that the people you hire to build your website cover multiple services. That way you don't have to hire others later on to get a complete result.


Planning process


We’ll talk through your plans, your goals, your thoughts. We will define the competition and the target audience. This is the most important part of the whole process because it’s the only way we can give you an accurate plan and time estimate.


The planning stage is another important step on the ladder. We show you design plans where we discuss what you like and don’t like. What is decided here sets the milestones and the roadmap for the whole project. It’s important to be honest, if you don’t like something.


With your designs approved, it’s time to develop the look of your site! This includes installing and configuring WordPress and building your website. And once WordPress is installed, you can follow the progress of your site live.

Start of project

The big day!

At this stage we run the final tests to make sure everything works. Once the website has been tested, reviewed and approved by everyone involved in the project, it’s time to launch the website to the world.


From now on, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your website, and we’ll be there to help you with anything. We’ll also listen to user feedback and fix any bugs that are left in.